Saturday, November 1, 2008

Precious Piggy Parts

Today I was at the produce place and got lucky, getting a carton of lettuce leaves for the piggies for free, plus some eggplant and a large bag of carrots dirt cheap. I also picked up a bag of the peanuts in the shell – their favourite treat.

Toddy: Foster Mama, that’s not our favorite.....we loves icecream best!

Lizzie: Nooooooo...watermewon!

Derby: Uh uh.... I loves cucumbers best!

Whisper: ‘matos! I loves ‘matos!

Fizzy: I agwee wiv foster mama – peanuts is the bestest.

Tom: No way Fizzy, it’s stwaaaberries!!!

Rob Roy: It’s none of those things. It’s punkins!!! I loves punkins!!

Rickey: Popcorn!

Swizzle: Hazelnuts!

Spritzer: LICORICE!

Ten little piggy voices: OHHHHHHHHH! LICORICE!!!!! WE LOVES LICORICE!

A-hem! Piggies!! Who's telling this story??

Well, I picked up a bag of peanuts in the shell – ONE of their obviously MANY favourite treats. Then I trudged though the mud outside their barn door dispensing peanuts left, right, and centre and trying to avoid having twelve starving piggies push me down splat! on my tush in the mud. I was also trying to get pictures of them sitting, begging, raising snouties for the peanuts.

Between the juggling act of camera and peanuts and the herculean efforts to maintain my balance, all I kept getting was piggy parts – noses and snouts and ears and butts and tails. Not a single one of a whole piggy sitting nicely for a peanut.

And then I downloaded the pics and decided to post them anyway.....

There's piggy ears

....and piggy butts

...and more piggy butts (aren't they just the cutest!)

...and piggy bristles

....and piggy faces

....and piggy smiles

....and piggy snouties

....and piggy tails

....and piggy eyes

After all, looking at all these precious piggy parts, you can’t help but ask yourself: what's not to love?????


mike said...

that piggie smile is the sweetest smile around!!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I loved those piggy parts!