Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Toof Fairy!!!!

These are all the toofs I lost yesterday. I will leave them under my pillow tonight. I hopes you will leaves me sum shiny monies (though my mom sez paper monies would be even better!). Or maybe you could leave me sumthing to makes the pain in my mouf and my butt go away? I is not feelin' too good tonite.

Luv, Oliver


Janice Gillett said...

Ouch.. poor little fluff. Oliver your so brave and so lucky to have such a good dog Mom . Even though you don't feel so lucky right now your going to feel so much better in a few sleeps, you'll see!

Glad he is home Jean, you must be exhausted.

Anonymous said...

All your fans over here on Vancouver Island are so very happy to learn of your successful surgery. We were all pulling for you. What a strong boy you are. I'll bet you look so cute with your toothless smile. Sleep tight my little man.


Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver, can i haz yer treats????

Yer pal Kinley

Anonymous said...

Aww poor you Oliver. It not nice hurting at both ends at once. That is quite a load of teeth you lost!!!
I hope you will fee better soon.