Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sharing the Magic

What's the price of a day's visit to my little corner of the world? My friend Ellen can tell you:

Gas for return trip from a nearby community: $15.00
Treats for the dogs: $8.00
Gumboots for the muddy pig yard: $25.00
Apples for the pigs: $5.00
The opportunity to experience the magic: Priceless!

Ellen came over to dog sit for me while I went to class today, as I wasn’t comfortable leaving Oliver with his stitches and unwieldy cone for that length of time. She sewed up some drapes for me, shoveled piggy poop, played with the dogs, and she experienced what I am fortunate to experience every day: the incredible magic of life in this great place.

In fact, she got to see something I hadn’t seen – a young deer in my pasture, just 20 feet from the pasture gate.

I’ve seen deer in the neighbour’s unfenced yard and in the big fields across the street, but not right in my pasture, not just 20 feet from the gate, not right next to the piggy yard, not just a few feet away from Martin who was quite happy to share with him......and certainly not with Brazen Coyote patiently watching from just yards down the path!!

A deer, an alpaca, a family of piggies, six dogs and a coyote - all within yards of each other, in this beautiful setting of trees and grasses and mountains and creek.

Magic. Pure magic.

I'm so glad Ellen got to experience the magic. I'm so glad she had her camera handy to capture it. And I'm so glad she was there to make sure the deer didn’t end up being Brazen’s dinner. Good luck, little deer – do come again!
And Ellen, thank you. Come visit any time!


Janice Gillett said...

Incredible that Brazen has seemed to take a step from being a wild dog to one who lives with you at the Sanctuary you created.
I am wondering when his bench will arrive ;o)

Great pictures Ellen!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture she got of Brazen! He looks pretty comfortable hanging out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled and very envious that Ellen had such a magical day and captured it on camera to share with us. It was truly a magical day.