Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Princess has been de-throned!!

In the five weeks that Oliver has been with me, he has never chosen to sleep in a bed or crate, preferring the floor instead. This is consistent with what I know of his habits in his former home - he chose to sleep on the floor rather than on the people bed or in a dog bed.
Suddenly today, he changed his mind. First he wandered over to the Petmate raised bed near my armchair - a bed Charley has had from puppyhood, but now also frequented by Sadie and Belle. It is the most popular bed in the house. He stuck his nose along the edge, put his paw on it, looked at me, hopped up, and settled down for a nice long nap.

A few hours later, he got up and wandered into my office where I was working at my desk. There are two crates in my office - one is constantly used only by Belle, and the other by Charley. Neither like to share "their" crates. And what does Sir Oliver do? He brazenly struts into Belle's crate, ignores her alligator-like little snaps and protests, starts pawing at the mattress, and settles in for the night. Our Princess Belle haughtily moved out and with a deep sigh settled down on the floor.

Belle! I can't believe you let him get away with that! Was it royal graciousness or are you one of those females that lets a man control your life? We need to have a little talk!


jeninslo said...

I do think it must be royal graciousness, although even the most liberated of Shelties could be forgiven for getting a little twitterpated around such handsomeness.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I wonder if one day both Belle and Oliver might be snuggled up together in "her" crate? Not really wanting to share, but neither wanting to leave??


Robyn said...

LOL I LOVE this! She's a sweetie for letting him do that. Obviously Mr. Oliver feels very AT HOME!

Our rescue pup, Levi had spent his days outside in a dog kennel and his nights in a crate...all of his 6 months. Within 1 day of being at our home, he hopped onto the couch with our other two rescued boxers and made himself at home. I LOVe that!