Monday, June 2, 2008

Critters of Habit

As nice as it is to have my sister visit and as much as the animals enjoy being spoiled by her, my critters really do not like their schedules and routines disturbed.

Charley spent the entire three days and nights pouting because Auntie C gets to sleep on the couch which is HER (Charley's) territory. She sulked and sulked and sulked and then, with a body language that clearly implied a long-suffering attitude, she plonked herself on the hard floor and went to sleep. None of five alternatives in the form of appropriately-sized dogbeds or crates were, in her opinion, suitable - even though she customarily is quite happy to hang out in a crate or in the Petmate raised bed she has had since birth.

No, only the couch would do. And the minute my sister was out of the driveway this morning, here's where Charley was (and has been ever since!):

She didn't even give me time to put the slipcover back on it! Silly dog!

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