Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ice Cweam an' Kiwis!!

By Fizzy an’ Whisper

Last nights our Auntie Ewwen came over an' she bwought us ice cweam and kiwis. YUMMMMMMMM! We loves Fwiday nights cuz our Auntie Ewwen nearly always comes for dinner and bwings something fer us. Something yummy. Foster Mama didn’t get any pictures of us eating our icecweam and kiwis cuz she waz busy fixin foods fer the hoomans or sumthin, but here’s a picture of us the last time we had icecweam:

We gots to go now. We’s not supposed to be inna houz using the ‘puter. But our Foster Mama is buzy this morning transporting a WAT fwom its rescuer to a foster home.

Fizzy: “I fink that’s s’posed to be ‘rat’, Whisper.”
Whisper: “But we is piggies an' we can’t say rrrrrrs. An' we type phonetically.”
Fizzy: Yeah, but hoomans might not know what a Wat is.
Whisper: Oh, okay, but it not the way we piggies talk! (Big sigh)

Yup. A RRRRRRRRRAT!! The only ratties we knows is the ones who sneaked in our barn once to eat our gwain or dwink our water, but Foster Mama sez these are different ratties, ones people keeps in their houses, ON PURPOSE!!

But she sez she not keeping any in her houz cuz even though she likes most animals, ratties is something she can live wivout.

Anyway, we snucked into the houz even though we not s’posed to because we knew our fwiends in cyberspace would want to know what is goin' on in our lives.

Love Fizzy an' Whisper.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fizzy and Whisper,
Such a cute picture of one of you (I think) with ice cream all over your face. I have someone who is interested in donating some fruit and vegie peelings for your family, so next time your pail should be fuller.