Sunday, June 8, 2008

Get that Bear!

By Scotch, Soda and all the little piggies

He Stoled our fwiends' peanuts!!! A Very Nice Lady bwought us some straw and greens and peanuts yesterday and then she headed to Hearts on Noses sanctuary to take some goodies to our fwiends at the Sanctuawy.

On the way, she stopped her twuck and got out to check the map. She lefted her twuck door open and a BEAR climbed right in an took off wiv the peanuts, leavin' only his muddy footpwints behind!

That was NOT nice of him! He is depwiving poor hungry piggies when he’s got lotsa bewwies an fishes an other things to eat.

If you meets a bear wiv peanut-breaf, you tell hims that if our Foster Mama wasn’t anti-violence she would beat him up.

Give our fwiends back their peanuts, Bear.

Scotch, Soda, Lizzie, Toddy, Spritzer, Swizzle, Fizz, RobRoy, Whisper, Derby, Tom, an' Rickey

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