Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pigs in Boots

This afternoon, Janice of Hearts on Noses potbellied pig sanctuary sent my friend Ellen and I this link, a newstory about a pig named Cinderella who was terrified of mud and so the owners had boots made especially for her and now she is a happy little piggy:

(Photo by Ross Parry)

I chuckle over it, and go about my business which included meeting up with Janice to look at some property (more about that later), and when I came home I find THIS email........

Dear Foster Mama and Piggy Lady,

We sneeked into da big houz to see what was on da pooter. We wuz borwed today cuz it was wweeettttt an we dontz like to go slippy sliding awound in the mushy fiewd. So we thinkz that thewe might be a good moooovie on the pooter to watch. But ooohhhhh what a suwpwise we had cuz we seez evewyone is tokking about boots fow piggies. Ohhhhhhhh do we evew like thu sounds ow that. Can we pweeeeze have ouw own booties, pweeeze Foster Mama. We can cownt for you… we thinkz we need 40 medjum sizey ones fow us widdle piggies and 8 biggew ones for our Mama and Papa. Waddya think, can we haz?????????????? Pweeeze?????????? An we wont’z weaw them in da big houz, we will take them off at the doow.

Thank you Foster Mama, you da best!!!!

Luv fwom aaaallllllll you widdwe piggies.

Groan.....anyone know where I can get 48 piggy-sized Wellingtons to keep their little trotters clean????
Oh....and they tell me they would each like different colours. Lizzy wants purple. Toddy wants red. Spritzer wants green. Soda wants yellow............

Maybe their Auntie Ewwen can make them some!

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