Monday, June 2, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday, my sister and I took my elderly mom for a drive and found ourselves at Campbell Valley Regional Park, at the south entrance rather than the north side I have used in the past. There we discovered a visitor information house with some lovely and informative displays about the animals and flowers in the area, and a beautiful "wildlife" garden which included a lovely butterfly garden, ponds, and masses of flowers. It was a wonderful place to spend an hour or two, and very handicapped accessible with well groomed smooth but natural material trails which accomodated mom's walker just fine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

Beautiful pictures of your walk in the park.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Campbell Valley Park! It's in my top 3 places on the earth that I love the most -- have walked there for many, many years (horse trails are my favorite, far fewer people, lots of nature's critters/birds). I'm there all the time.

Did you see the turtles at the 8th Ave pond? And did you know there's a rarely-used dog off-leash park at 4th and 200th?


Jean said...

I didn't see the turtles, though some young boys paddling in the ponds had been looking at them just before we arrived.
We didn't have the dogs with us, but I did notice the other offleash park. A bit far for me on a regular day, but certainly a place to take the dogs when I'm heading to mom's with one or more of them.
Sharon, another lovely lovely park that I discovered when I was helping with Macy is Williams Park in Langley - beautiful trails, lots of shade, virtually deserted when I was there. Very peaceful.