Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pig Pen Dress Code, or Barnyard Fashions

Well, as you may have guessed from the lack of posts this week, I have been super busy and/or too tired to let the creative part of my mind do anything more than vegetate while I watch mind-numbing television or snooze on the couch with Sadie (who only wants to haul her 80 pound body onto the couch if there is a human there, especially a human who wants to stretch out).

Today I was gone from the house much longer than I anticipated, largely due to getting stuck in two tedious traffic jams in which major arteries from the city turn into giant parking lots.

So the dogs had been in the house for a horribly long nine hours, the pigs were screaming for dinner the moment my car pulled into the driveway, and Martin was giving me the evil eye as he dared me to feed the others before bringing him some grain and fresh water.

I dashed into the house to the accompaniment of loud barking, shrill yapping, and plaintive meowing. I fed the cat, let the dogs out, fed the dogs. I really did intend to change my cream coloured dress pants for dark brown cords, but what the heck - piggies wanted feeding and, after all, I wasn't about to go in the pig yard - just into the barn and the feed stall. So out I went.


The barn may not be muddy, but twelve little piggies who have had nothing to do all day but spill water from their pools onto the dirt and then root around in it with the snouties....well, picture it. And picture those twelve little piggies who KNOW Foster Mama brings food and are starving 'cuz dinner is late swarming Foster Mama when she steps into the feeding stall.

Picture twelve muddy snouties shoving up against two human legs clad in cream coloured dress pants.

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Can we have a picture of the pants please!

Jean said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! They are in the wash already in the faint hope that the stains might come out. Just imagine brown pants with a few vague spotches of cream showing through - kinda like a Spanish Coffee after you've taken a few sips.

Anonymous said...

I will use my imagination then!!