Sunday, June 15, 2008

Replenishing the soul

Sometimes it is necessary to retreat to one’s own little world and ignore the wider world with all the animals-at-risk and the idiotic people like the mayor in Arkansas who put them at risk. After the letter writing is done, expending any more energy worrying about animals I cannot personally help is (as my friend Janice from Hearts on Noses says) "crazy making".

And I’m pretty good at reading my own moods and knowing when it is time to haul on the reins and put on the blinders and replenish my soul. So today I backed away from the computer and focused on the physical tasks of caring for five acres, 17 animals, a dilapidated old barn and house, and myself.

I pulled the lawn chair up near the pasture gate, I let out the piggies (with a stern admonishment to Scotch NOT to go beyond the x-pen that serves as a temporary barrier), I made myself a coffee and some toast with marmalade, and I settled down in the sun to crack the cover on a book I bought a several weeks ago: The Good Good Pig: The extraordinary life of christopher hogwood, by Sy Montgomery.

With dogs by my side and pigs in the pasture, I spent the day reading, taking photos, gardening, doing repairs, and being thankful that I live where I live, that I have the friends that I do, and that I CAN make the world a better place one or two (or seventeen) animals at a time.

I know very little about photography - my sister is the photographer in the family. I don't know anything about composition or lighting or F-stops. One day, after I retire, perhaps I'll take time to learn. But for now, I use a simple point-and-shoot camera and I take tons of shots of things that make me smile, images that refresh my spirit and fill my heart with happiness. And today I took over three hundred shots. I think it is safe to say my sense of balance is restored.

So here is a glimpse of my own little world and just a few of the three hundred images that made me smile on this beautiful sunny day:



Pigs exiting barn


Sadie impersonating a lion

Bee on blackberry blossom

Piggy face


"You let my bruver sleep!"

Waitin' for dinner

"What's that on your face, Foster Mama?"

Belle, aka Little Ms. Diva

"MMMMMM...That's was gooood!"

Martin looking noble

Ol' Blue Eyes

Charley in grass

"Do I have dirt on my face?"

Enjoying the pool

Flaked out piggy

Happy Sadie


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I'm glad you were able to replenish your soul, and take lots of pics of your critters and share them with us blog readers.

Anonymous said...

I too read The Good, Good Pig shortly after finding my farm pig Harry. It was excellent. I sometimes wish I could let Harry out of his pen to see what mischief he could get in. (o:

Jean said...

Ha ha ha - Joelle, judging by the mischief Roscoe, one of the two farm pigs at the sanctuary, gets into when let out of his really don't want to know what Harry might do!!!!

Give Harry a belly rub from me - or a scritch behind the ears if he prefer.