Saturday, June 28, 2008

Animals or Humans: Who's Smarter?

On a very hot summer’s day, companion animals....

Lie on the cool kitchen floor, directly in front of a fan

Sit in the pool in the shade of an umbrella

Take a looong cooool drink of water

Make like an ostrich and shut out the world

Find a soft bed of straw amidst lots of green foliage

Play in the dirt with their brothers while mom sleeps nearby

Show curiousity about cool things

Make themselves a grass skirt

Walk among the daisies

Treat themselves to a mud bath and then have a snack

Chill out with their friends

Sit in cool water and chomp on a straw

Find the coolest, dampest, yummiest section of pasture and lie down for a belly rub

Have an afternoon nap in a favourite chair.....

Or a favourite bed:

Sit under a tree

Lose themselves in work they enjoy

Or take a leisurely, solitary stroll

But people? People, on the other hand....

Wrestle with heavy, rusty metal farm stuff, grind it apart to cram it all into the car, and haul it off to the recycling bins at the hot, smelly dump;

Haul uncooperative hoses around in the hot, dry pig yard filling water bowls and pools and creating mud holes for piggies;

Weed whack the never-ending, always-growing green stuff growing where it’s not supposed to grow;

Stand in a scorching hot pasture trying to capture pictures of piggies;

Run around the neighbourhood searching for a neighbour’s llama which broke loose last night when confronted with a bear;

Hang up laundry and take it down, in the heat of the day, in the middle of the back yard;

Re-sand a picnic table they stained yesterday because they didn't like how it turned out;

Nearly give themselves heat stroke because they hate wearing hats, didn’t stay in the shade, and forgot to drink lots of water.

Next life, I'm coming back as a companion animal.


cynda said...

Jean - your photos are absolutely delightful! The piggies are having a blast, such happy little creatures and you capture all the little quirky nuances of their character, so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Who's smarter?

The animals of course! Glad they found ways to avoid/enjoy the heat.


Hornblower said...

Hah! I recognize that box of Granville Island mingler! Hope you had time for a nice cool one :-)

Jean said...

Ooops - I KNEW I should have moved the stuff from under the buffet! Ya got me - though my usual drink is.....Scotch and Soda (the booze not the piggies!).

Anonymous said...

At your place as at my place when the heat hits the 4 legged ones win the "smarts" contest.
Great pictures of the smart ones taking it easy.LOL