Monday, June 2, 2008

Epic's Journey

Epic, ready for travel

Well, my sister didn't get out of here without being initiated into the world of animal rescue.....I talked her into helping with the transport of a Bully Buddies dog, Epic, who needed a ride from the Lower Mainland to the Okanagan. Okay, I confess it didn't take much persuasion - as soon as I asked her, she said "Sure!"

So this morning, collaboration among animal lovers operated as it should - one person brought Epic from the kennel where she was being housed to a nearby community, where I picked her up and brought her home. I gave her some excerise and time to potty, and then she hopped into my sister's car for the long ride to Westbank, where the person from her final destination will pick her up and take her home.

Epic is a sweetheart who gave me a great big wet doggy facewash when I bent over to say goodbye to her - there is nothing that can make me laugh as much as a doggy face wash!

Safe journey, Epic. May you find your forever home and become the free-spirited dog you were always meant to be.

Thanks Jan, Carole and Steve for making this possible.


Anonymous said...


That was sweet of your sister to help Epic on his journey to his fovever home.
Hope it all went well.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Epic!

Thanks for helping him Jean.