Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yellow brains!

I'm working on a post from a hike last week, but my back and my brain is giving out so I'll just post one photo for today (I'll post the rest of the hike ones tomorrow).

Often in the fall, after a hot dry summer, I see clumps of a bright orangey-yellow gelatinous substance on trees or logs in the forests where I hike.  I knew it was a fungus but today decided to find out more.  It is, in fact, called 'jelly fungus' though I like its other names better:  witches butter, or - my favourite - yellow brain fungus.  You can see why:

Yellow brain fungus

Apparently the fungus was there all summer, but in hot dry weather it is small, nondescript, and virtually unnoticeable.  When the rains come, it acts like a sponge, absorbing up to sixty times its weight in water!  

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CarolineA said...

I HAD to learn more about this strange stuff so googled it and found a very interesting (readable) article so am sharing with you,'Butter_070205.htm

Pretty cool stuff! Had never seen it before.