Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bird on Sunflower

I was working in the garden today when I glanced over at my neighbour's yard where many tall sunflowers have died back to leave only the seed heads on which the birds feast.  The colourful stripe in this bird's wing caught my attention - he was flying with a group of starlings and had the mottled colouring of starlings, yet had the wing stripe of a red-winged blackbird.  But the red-winged blackbirds I've often seen among reeds up at Crofton lake are a glossy black.  Is it possible the two species of birds have intermingled and mated to produce a hybrid?  A red-winged starling?  A starbird?  A blackling?  Or perhaps it is just the red-winged blackbirds winter coat?  Whatever it was, it made for an interesting photo.


Marie said...

I don't know what sort of bird that is but it sure is pretty. Love the fact that your neighbour leaves the sunflowers for them to feast on.I'm so enjoying your daily posts and hope you continue into December!!

Anonymous said...

just googled winter plummage and yeppers can look like a hybrid...good catch Jean....M