Monday, November 2, 2015

Joy on a gloomy November day

From birds on the beach to a bird in the bush.  Well, not quite in a bush.  He was in a bush when Allie first spied him through the window, wet with rain, yesterday.  But then he hopped up onto the feeder.  There was quite a crowd out there - mostly pine siskins migrating through.

But they made room for one little splash of colour - You can see his yellow head peeking around from behind the top tier of the feeder in the photo above.  He's likely a young male American Goldfinch - this year's hatch - not a surprise as there were many goldfinches hanging around my yard from April to July.

Goldfinches in the yard
in spring
But yesterday's goldfinch was by himself, in winter attire, with just a gentle hint of the beauty he will become next spring.  With my camera focused through the pane of wet glass, our young friend decided to hop up on the shepherd's crook to afford me a better shot:

And then hung around until the rain stopped, to pose once more for me:

As the days shorten and the long dark rainy season begins, I am grateful for his delightful presence outside my window.  Stay safe, little bird, and please come back next spring!


CarolineA said...

I love birds, love birds at my feeder but am never able to take such a good pic of any of them, so I greatly admire the ones you take.
We call the bird feeders 'cat TV' as my cats are plastered against the window when the birds are at the feeders. One thing that thrills me is the number of birds here on the prairie. I have a soft spot for Magpies but Moose doesn't as they will come right up to him to steal his cookie!
Love the birds that visit you and really loved the pictures!

Wendy Hamilton said...