Friday, November 27, 2015

Mother Nature as Artist

Went for a walk at Swallowfield today - beautiful day, sunny with lots of frost, reflections, icy shards on the grasses and rivulets.  More photos tomorrow, but two which stood out were not magnificent so much for their scenery but for their artistry - Mother Nature as Artist produces a beautiful multi-media piece from leaves, frost, twigs and dirt.  All I added was the frame.


CarolineA said...

WOW! Each of those could be for sale in a high end studio. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us

barb said...

lovely photos, Jean. It has been a super week for sun and cold, and getting out to see what
Nature has to offer has been a real bonus!
Swallowfield also has the most stunning red rose hips,too.
We are so lucky to live where we are!

barb and the furry ones

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jean. I love Swallowfield in the winter.