Monday, November 23, 2015

Eagle in tree

My back is in too much pain to post anything much tonight, so here's a  couple of versions of a photo taken last month.    I can't decide if I like the original (eagle and tree on stark white due to natural lighting and overcast sky) or the photoshopped one (or, more precisely, picmonkeyed) with background and frame best. Which do you prefer? 


Special effects added


CarolineA said...

I prefer the second one.
Hope your back feels better, find some exercises to do online, that will help, seriously

dsare said...

I really like the first one. The second one could be the picture on a Christmas card.

Marie said...

Well, I like them both for different reasons, so someone else will have to break this tie in the voting!!

Anonymous said...

The second one. It brings out more details of tree and eagle. and yes it could be a winter/Christmas card.....print out and take to Amy's, am sure they will sell quickly...Hope your back pain eases, let me know if you need anything.......M

Wendy Hamilton said...

i prefer the first one because it hasn't been pic. monkey'd with... yet the added 'effect' of the second one is sorta cool too.. agree with M ..second could be nice xmas card