Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Frosty Reception....

The days have been sunny and crisp - my favourite winter weather - and I have been making the most of it. Yesterday, my friend Liz and I took her dog Sasha for a walk on Mt. Tzouhalem in nearby Duncan.  We got a frosty reception.  Literally.

That's a slippery slope you're treading, Sasha!

Sasha didn't seem to mind - even though she's a senior dog,  her inner pup came out to play:

Play with me mom!  

That really wasn't snow - it was frost.  Hoar frost, to be precise.  Here's some close ups of it:

Close up
Hoar frost on dirt and grass

And closer still...
a forest of frost

Even with the sun shining, boulders were still coated with white:

Sun on frosty boulders

We did walk around to a warmer area, though, where puddles were still frozen but the frost was mostly gone:

Liz looking down on Quamichan Lake
Sasha didn't care about the view....
she was just happy to be out.

But then it was back to the frosty side, and one parting close up shot of the hoar frost:

Frosty flowers of ice

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CarolineA said...

That is my favorite kind of frost!
I especially love the picture of the boulder with the little Christmas tree in the back, that would make a really cool Christmas card.
Thanks for continuing to take us on your adventures, it's such a cool way to start my day :)