Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Smashing Pumpkins

It was Smashed Pumpkin Party at RASTA today

At the end of a productive afternoon at the sanctuary, there's always time for a little fun - and today it was Smashing Pumpkins.  No, not the rock group (though we did move a lot of rocks). Volunteers at RASTA sanctuary today had the privilege of smashing pumpkins for the pigs to eat - and for all the other critters too.
Watching the excitement of many hungry piggies running here and there with big chunks of pumpkin, chowing down on freshly smashed pumpkin, stealing each other's piece of pumpkin,  made for lots of laughter, picture taking, and ear-to-ear smiles (on the humans AND on the pigs)!  

Here's some of my favourite shots from today:

Nom nom nom....

This is SOOOO good! 

Why thank you nice volunteer!

Even Theo loves his pumpkin!


Benson the dog gets some too!

Toby's the only one who wasn't that interested.
His grazing muzzle had just been removed and he
was intent on scarfing down the green grass!

Every pig has his/her pumpkin

Thanks Lucie for the Great Pumpkin Party - there are few things more fun than watching well loved animals having fun!

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Wendy Hamilton said...

I agree re reaping pleasure watching animals have fun... I picked up pumpkins this year too & baked (and froze) for the dogs... They love it too!.. I had some myself with olive oil and veggies.. Not bad..