Monday, November 9, 2015

A beautiful day for a hike!

Sally and I have known each other for almost sixty years.  Hers was likely one of the first families my parents met when we immigrated to Canada, and her mother and mine remained best friends for the rest of their long lives.  By virtue of our parents' friendship, and our mutual involvement in Guiding and church activities, Sally and I spent a fair bit of time together throughout our school years. Then we moved on to different places and different lives and kept in touch mostly through our moms.

Shortly before the deaths of both our mothers, I moved to the island and ended up living less than fifteen kilometers from Sally;  we reconnected and got together a couple of  times a year.  In a recent conversation, I mentioned the loss of hiking friends as well as my hiking dog, and learned that although Sally loves the outdoors and has lived here for much of the past forty years, she had not done many of my favourite hikes in this area.  So we choose a date, and today we went to Crofton Lake.  It was the perfect day - an overcast sky in the early morning soon turned into puffy white clouds and then beautiful blue skies, lovely reflections, and a glorious day for a hike.

The trail up
Reeds and Reflections

Looking across the lake

Fall colours against a blue sky

A view of the Salish Sea, Salt Spring Island, and the
North Shore Mountains
from the loop trail back down
We discovered we are well matched in pace and ability, and have already noted on our calendars our plans to hike again next Monday, weather permitting.

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CarolineA said...

How cool is that!
I'm surprised the leaves are still on the trees, looking out the window here the trees are bare and the promise of winter is not far away at all.