Friday, November 20, 2015

MY ol' red sweater - by Mitzi

Deah blog readers,

If you red read  Mama Jean's story yesterday, you prob'ly think she's the only one in this hows house wiv a red sweater.  Well that's just not true!  

Mah ol' red sweater is just as comfy and just as interesting as hers.  No, nobody coloured a picture to win me a shopping spree at some northern store.  And, no, my sweater prob'ly isn't thirty years old. 

But mah Mama Jean bought it at the Cowichan and District SPCA Garage Sale a few years ago, which as you know is a HUGE annual event.  And who knows what other amazing, sweet, cute, wonderful, clever dog had it before that?  Maybe even more than one. An' I think maybe Belle or Shiloh, two small shelties that lived here, wore it for a while too.  So it has a loooong history, and it exemplifies thriftiness and environmental awareness - we is not fillin' the landfill wiv this one till it is well and truly worned out.  

Anyhow, after all those other dogs,  now it's mine, and I don't mind it at all even though I'm not really a clothes sorta dog. But since Mama Jean keeps the house rather cool (yes you do Mama Jean, you keep it freezings!), I like to have my sweater on at this time of year.  

Sometimes I even sleep in it!  It is very snuggly.  And I think it looks rather nice on me....don'tcha think so too?

Love and kissesses, 


Marie said...

Mitzi, I love your red sweater and you look beautiful in it too. I have a few sweaters but don't wear them in the house because my Mom keeps the house toasty and warm! Love Sparkle

CarolineA said...

Mitzi you look beauuuuuutiiiiifullllllll

I have an old red sweater too, it's about 25 years old and soo comfy! So I totally get that a red sweater is just about the most comfy sweater there is.

Wendy Hamilton said...

It's very cute..
I'm sure there are lots of sentimental red sweater stories.. I have one too... My mother, who was an AMAZING seamstress- re-fashioned (a woman's) soft wool razzberry red turtleneck sweater for my little pug faced velvety black spaniel... It was the cutest thing going in canine clothing....She also refitted a hand knit, hand spun, wool, icelandic turtleneck sweater for my other spaniel.. Wish I had pictures!..
I must have given the sweaters away however, during one of my crazy, hectic moves maybe????... since I cannot seem to find them?...(I loved my spaniels best shaved so they needed added clothing in winter).
I still have 4 of the lovely dog coats & sweaters that she hand made & knit, thankfully... they fit my larger dog, for those times she gets left in the car (briefly) in winter (while I shop)... I'll hang onto these ones.. for her & other dogs that may need the added warmth.