Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday's Adventure, by Sadie

Yesterday, mama got up early and fed all of us and took us for a walk. Then she put Charley in the house and told me to get in the van. I thought I must be going to the vet, because that's almost the only time I ever go in the van without Charley. But, no, we went on an ADVENTURE! First we drove for a while. Mama made me stay in the back. She sez dogs aren't allowed to drive. Hmmph! Soon we got to a parking lot near the ocean and we went for a walk. Then we got back in the van and we went on a boat.

I remember dat boat! I think it is called a Fairy Boat. We went on it when we moved away from the farm, and we went on it when we visited Auntie Deb and Riley and Jasper and Rupert. But we wasn't going back to the farm, and we didn't get to visit Auntie Deb and Riley and Jasper and Rupert.

Instead, we went to visit my Gran Rose. I got to go into the nursing home because it is very pet friendly. There are some cats who live there, and the staff get to take their doggies to work. There is a golden retriever who does rounds at night. I don't know his name but I think they should call him Doctor Dog.

Everyone in the nursing home said hello to me and told me how boootiful I am and what a GOOD dog I am. I was on my very, very best behaviour. Gran Rose was surprised to see me. We took her out for lunch. Well, actually, I needed a nap after all the schmoozing with the old folks, so I slept in the van while mama and Gran Rose had lunch in a restaurant. Then we went back to the nursing home and I went in to visit everyone again. Mama forgot to take the camera in with her so she didn't get a picture of me being a Good Visiting Dog. But here's a picture of me and Gran Rose from a trip we took last year.

Next we got back in the van, just mama and me, and went over the Golden Ears bridge. Mama said she wished she could stop mid-span because the lighting was perfect to capture the long support arms and the misty mountains in the background. But the other drivers probably wouldn't have liked her to stop on the bridge! Instead, we went to Maple Ridge and dropped off some Birds and Blooms magazines for Logan and Kinley's Opa. We didn't see Logan and Kinley, though, because they were out wiv their mama.

On to Mission, and a stop at the Piggy Lady's place, Hearts and Noses Sanctuary. The horses came out to greet us right away.

Mama was in trouble with them, because she always brings them an apple and she forgots!!! The Piggy Lady gave them some hay instead, only I got underfoot and some of it landed on me! Heheheheh.

Mama dropped of some stuff for the HEARTS ON NOSES GARAGE SALE which is being held in Mission (not at the sanctuary, but at the Piggy Lady's sister's place). The Hearts on Noses Garage Sale is Saturday (April 2) 9 - 4 and Sunday 9-1 or when traffic stops. The address is 33470 -12th Ave. in Mission . Please go if you can - there will be tons of great stuff at great prices!

We also dropped off some special stuff for the Piggy Lady to sell on ebay to get some money to help feed and vet all those hungry, troublesome piggies. Well, actually, they aren't troublesome most of the time. When we went in the Piggy Lady's house, we met Cotton who likes to live in the Great Room. He was very, very social and not in the least bit scared of me. (Actually, I was a little scared of him at first! But he told me to chill and come inside to say hello.)

Mama went over to say hello to all the piggies she used to foster - Scotch and Soda and the babies who aren't babies no more! They are all full growned now, and they are big pigs. They ate a bag of marshmallows while I foraged around for piggy poops to snack on. Good thing my mama brought my food and fed me while I was at the sanctuary.

The piggies were having a nap, but they came out to greet mama with lots of straw on their faces - and great big smiles, too!

We said goodbye to the pigs, got back in the van, and headed to Abbotsford. I stayed in the van while mama visited Emma. Mama took lots of photos of Emma - though Emma was more interested in the squirrel who was making squirrel noises in the trees.

Mama loves Emma to pieces.... But she loves me too, 'cause soon mama and me was back in the van and heading home. I had another walk while we waited for the boat, and then a long nap in the car. Sometime in the middle of the night we got back home, where I crawled onto my couch and went to sleep. Twelve hours in the van and two hours visiting - that was an exhausting day. But I'm glad my mama took me wiv her.

Even if she didn't let me drive the van or eat piggy poops.


georgia little pea said...

Dear Sadie,

I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am. That was such a fantastical day! I've never met a horsey before (though I saw some at the park). I've never met a piggy either (except in a bacon and egg roll shhh...). They look awful big. Weren't you scared?

It was very nice of your human to take you with her. How come Charley didn't get to go too?

I like driving too and I'm not allowed either. Humans can be such spoil sports. As for piggy poo...yum yum. What a shame you didn't get any. How come humans don't understand they're very nutritious stuff? Silly billies.

Oh well, thank you for sharing your adventure, Sadie!

Love, Georgia xox

EvenSong said...

What a busy day, Sadie!! I'll bet your Mama Jean was just as ready to collapse on her bed as you were!

Good to see new photos of Emma (such a sweetie!), and the piggies (soooo cute!) and those poor neglected horsies (no apple!). And even an old photo of you and Gran Rose; sounds like her new house is a pretty nice place.
And I love Fairy Boat rides! But it's good to be back home again, too.

Jean said...

(Sadie here, using my mama's password!):
Hahahah - Georgia, my mama and Charley and me lived with twelve piggies, so I wazn't really scared of them, but I was respectful and backed off when Cotton came out of the house to meet me. Just in case, y'know. You need to get your hooman to take you for a visit to a farm - farm animals have interesting smells (and poops!).
Charley didn't get to come because she is like Mr. Thumper at your place - old and crippled up. She doesn't like riding in the van, especially since she can't get up on the seat to look out the window. And she has to be lifted in and out of the van, which is hard fer mama cuz Charley ain't no chihauhau!! LOL. And Mama thought it would be too long a day for her, even though she loves the piggies. So Auntie Mary and Auntie Else came over to our house to let Charley out and feed her and spend time wiv her.

Evensong, my mama was exhausted! She even slept most of the next day too - she was very, very lazy cuz she was so tired from all that driving. I told her she wouldn't be so tired if she'd let me drive instead.

Love, Sadie xx00

Janice Gillett said...

Sorry about spilling hay on your pristine coat Sadie!! She was what here for all of five seconds!!! hahaha.

Not enough time Jean and i do thank you so much for fitting us in your tight schedual and for bringing us so many beautiful peices to help raise funds for the pig children !!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Sadie,

I thought that might be so with Charley. My out-at-work human has perfected the technique of lifting Mr Thumper's fat bum into the car. Mr T is sad he can't stand up long enough to look out car windows too. He used to stand for the whole trip, even if it was hours long. Long after Mr Piglet went to sleep. He was such a car hoon.

My Typist says I can NEVER go to a farm with real animals on account of how I will either get kicked in the head by an angry cow for yowling at it, or shot by the farmer for chasing a sheep or chicken. Farmers get to shoot dogs dead here when they chase farm animals. It's sad how My Typist has no faith in me at all, but maybe it's for my own good.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a great trip Sadie. I'm sure your Mama was very happy to have your company. You look quite funny all covered in hay and I bet the piggies were glad to say "hello" to you again. Too bad Charley had to miss that but she got to hang out with "that handsome dude" Archie instead.

Auntie Else

Funder said...

EMMA! Love seeing her pretty face. :) What a fun trip for everybody.