Thursday, March 17, 2011

More sightings

For those in the White Rock South Surrey area, these are the sightings today:
He has been seen in the woods near Softball City (148th and 20th); in the ravine behind the curling rink and ice rink (moving fast); and at 16th and Anderson behind Centennial Arena. Please - if you live in the area, or can drive to the area, or know anyone in the area - please help.

From the TG blog: "He will come out for the dogs. He understand hand signals – he knows the come signal and a wave to come in signal. Squat down [slowly] and give him the come to me hand signal, he will come to you. He knows that. He s also is “jealous” of other dogs getting petted or treats and will come closer. Please do not grab him – use a leash as a noose if he is allowing petting. He likes other dogs and loves jerky!! And hot dogs. " (

Please help if you possibly can!
Phone number for sightings is Dionne at 778-839-5569. Carry your cell and the number, and call immediately if you spot him.

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