Thursday, March 17, 2011

White Spot Sighting!

Finally, after three days without a sighting, White Spot has just been seen very close to the area where he went missing - 148th St. at 20th Ave. in South Surrey.
Unfortunately, the people who saw him were not able to catch him and he slipped away into the woods.
If you live in that area, or have the day off and want to go for a nice walk or bike ride (there are lots of hiking and biking trails around there), please consider doing so. Bring lots of smelly treats, and your own dog if you have one. If you see him, try feeding some treats to your own dog to get him interested. Do not chase him or grab at him - slow and steady, letting him come to you, is the way. He will likely be hungry now, so even dropping a few treats as you slowly walk AWAY from him (like Hansel and Gretal dropping bread crumbs to find their way home), may encourage him to follow you while he identifies that this is a FOOD source. Once he is onto the food, you can slow down and scatter more as he comes closer. Once he is fully engaged with the food and by your side, gently and slowly slip a leash around his neck, slipping the clasp end through the loop in the handle so it will tighten if he bolts.

If you can't help out today, please call or email any friends in that area and see if they can get out there.

Let's get White Spot home safely.

The number to call (immediately, please) if you see him or catch him is: 778-839-5569. Please carry this number and your cell phone with you.


Dom said...

Glad he's been seen. I hope they manage to grab him.

georgia little pea said...

That's progress. Still hoping for a happy ending. Good luck!