Thursday, March 24, 2011

When life gets busy, blogging gets neglected

My friends Ann and Ken were here last week and despite uncooperative weather, we still managed to keep very busy and see some of the sights. I'm still editing photos from that week and hope to post them in the next day or two.

White Spot, the lost-then-found Turtle Gardens dog, was hit by a car while on the run (someone saw this happen, but as White Spot kept on running it was hoped there was no serious damage). A vet exam and xrays revealed he has a displaced hip. It was manipulated back into place, and while surgery may still be necessary, at the moment it seems to be holding its own with rest and rehabilitation. White Spot is now in foster care with Lisa, one of TG's experienced foster homes. You can follow White Spot's recovery and adventures at Lisa's blog, here. (I'm working on a post about keeping newly-adopted dogs safe, but you'll see an excellent photo of White Spot in his 'you-won't-slip-THIS-collar" harness and Martingale combination on Lisa's blog).

The Cowichan and District SPCA is gearing up for its huge annual garage sale, and once again I'm on the team of five or six people responsible for sorting, pricing and packing the goods. And I can tell you, there are lots of great buys to be had - so mark your calendar for May 28th and 29th and plan a trip to Duncan. If you live in this area, please note we are asking for donations of clean, quality goods (no dirty or broken items and no electronics unless they are nearly brand new technology, please, as they don't sell and we just don't have time or space or dump fees to deal with them!). Deadline for donations is May 16th - and we'd prefer them earlier than that as the last month gets crazy busy for us.

The Crofton quarterly newletter, The Glance, for which I wrote articles, is now defunct. My friend Liz (also a Croftonite, a member of my writers' group, and a contributor to the Glance) persuaded me to co-author a regular column with her for a monthly newspaper called the Chemainus Courier. Chemainus is the closest community to Crofton, and famous for its murals. The column will be specific to Crofton and contain information on local events as well as our own opinions/reflections on life in Crofton. Okay, it didn't take much persuasion - all Liz has to do is wave a piece of her amazing chocolate cake (made with quinoa, not flour ) in front of me and I'll do whatever she asks.

Spring has finally arrived, and within a day of my company leaving, all the ornamental cherry trees, forsythia, daffodils, and countless other plants burst into bloom. The dogs and I are enjoying the sunny weather, and my yard is beckoning. Time to start the day.

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georgia little pea said...

So happy for you that that Spring is there! Sounds lovely. Have a good weekend :)