Friday, March 18, 2011

White Spot has been FOUND!

White Spot has been found and is safe tonight. A company called Petsearchers Canada was hired to assist with the search, and within an hour Al of Petsearchers, with the help of his dog (hey, we need his dog's name - equal credit!), had tracked White Spot and located his sleeping spot. While White Spot slept, Al was able to get close to him and slip the leash on.

Well done, Al and Al's dog! And thanks to everyone who helped out in any way at all. Though a hired company recovered him, it was your posters and sightings that helped keep hope alive and focus the search on the appropriate area. Finding a lost dog is truly a community effort.

And now that White Spot is safely home, I will once again say what I have said a thousand times before on this blog. DO NOT USE A FLAT COLLAR TO WALK A DOG. EVER! If a dog is startled or frightened, a dog can elongate its neck and back out of that collar faster than you can say "SIT!" (unless you have the flat collar so tight that it is painful to the dog). Get a Martingale or a harness with a double safety connection, make sure they are properly fitted, and use them every time your dog is on leash.

I will be posting a blog shortly with some other guidelines specific to newly-placed or newly-fostered dogs. Sadly, White Spot's story is far too familiar, and there are far, far too many dogs getting lost shortly after being rehomed.


Sherri said...

I'm so glad he's safe!

Jen said...

That's the best news all day! Thanks Jean!!

Jen and the BDC

Black Jack's Carol said...

I am so very happy to hear this news! I strayed from both posting and reading blogs over the past couple of weeks, and only saw the announcement about White Spot this morning. This evening, Bill and I made a plan to come to Surrey tomorrow, and I was just gong to e-mail you to ask if you could let us know if there was any change. I had never heard of Petsearchers.. what a great idea! I'm sure they were greatly helped by all of the work you and other volunteers did! I also know you and many others will sleep better tonight.

georgia little pea said...

That's fantastic news! Well done! :)

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog.
Happy belated Gotch Day Sadie.

I'm so glad to hear that Whitespot has been found.
I wish we had known about Al and his dog when Luger was lost.


cynda said...

Jean - amen! Looking forward to your blog and I will definitely direct
TG readers to it when it's posted. We're very lucky this was a happy ending but sadly, this is not always
the case.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Glad to hear White Spot is safely home!


Anonymous said...

Wooo-hoo! What great news!! And what a great idea for a business. Thank you Petsearchers (both canine and human).

Deb S.

Dom said...

So glad he was found! What a relief.

Nicole said...

I definitely agree about martingale collars. Join the only ones that are used in my house and with my fosters.