Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good grief - nearly a week since I posted????

Post coming soon. Computer woes. Preparing for company, I moved my computer from my office to turn the office into a guest room, and discovered my wireless network is no longer secure. Googled how to fix it and don't understand one word of the instructions, so was only turning the computer on for a few minutes at a time to check email, then off again.

Last night I got sick of doing that, so I moved it back to my office/guest room for the weekend (company arrives Monday), where it is hooked back into the non-wireless mode, whatever that is called. Today I shall pick up a splitter so I can run it off the same outlet as the television in the living room while my friends are here.

I do have things to blog about.... will do so shortly. Meanwhile, if anyone can give me REALLY REALLY BASIC instructions about re-securing the wireless connection, please post them in the comments or email me using the contact at the side.

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