Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Boring Bare-Bones Blog

One of the reasons I don't participate in those "blog every day for a year" challenges is because, let's face it, sometimes there's nothing to say. But when nearly a week goes by and I can't think of anything to say, I figure I better write something before the phone calls asking "you still alive?" begin.

There's something about shoulder-season winter weather - a bit of sleet, a bit of hail, a bit of snow, a bit of rain, a bit of dark, a bit of sun, a bit of cold, a bit of ice - that just stifles my creativity. I get the blahs. I get the 'sit in front of the computer or tv, doing absolutely nothing' blahs. And the same weather also stifles my picture-taking ability. Every time we head out for a walk, in a sunny, blue-skied moment, the weather changes and by the time we reach the park or the beach, the rain or snow has begun. Blah.

It has been this way for five days now. The weather changes - not a little, but a whole darn lot - every twenty minutes or so. It is downright freaky.

So, no interesting stories. No pictures. No excitement over flowers or birds or other signs of spring. No happy dogs, 'cuz if I have the blahs, they have the blahs.

Just words on paper - or on a screen. Boring, bare-bones blogging.

Maybe the hurricane-force winds they are predicting for tonight and tomorrow will add some excitement to our life. Gusts up to 160 km in the wee small hours and on into the morning, followed by a break, then the wind will reverse its direction and come back at us with gusts of 110 km tomorrow night. Hydro says its not a case of "if" we get a power failure, but when and for how long.

And that means no internet or tv. Hmmmph! Now how will I maintain my winter-doldrums stare-at-the-screen blahs????

Guess I might have to write some stories and take some pictures. Stay tuned.


Janice Gillett said...

i too have the blahs with an added ear ache of all things . i got up before the alarm went off and came in here and then went back to bed. LOL. Yes yes i fed the pigs!!!

Doing my newsletter i found myself sitting here too without any spark to write..

And yes the wind storm begins..

Jen said...

Hope the winds aren't nearly as bad as they say they will be!! And here's hoping if there is a power outage it's very short!!
I am so ready for spring, myself. That 5+cm of snow they are calling for tonight tells me it' s not meant to be, at least for now! Sigh.

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

georgia little pea said...

sorry, bare-bones blogger. i've just passed you back a Stylish Award. you know the deal ...WORK! haha! please drop by to pick it up :) xox

Dom said...

Good to hear you're alive :-P

EvenSong said...

Not boring, just quiet. And that's okay. You're welcome to post whenever and whatever [boring stuff] you want. ;-D

Hunde Haus said...

I was challenged to post every day for a year...and I tried. It lasted 3 days. Ha! I will try again though...it was an English professor who dared me to do it!

But, I agree, some days there really isn't anything to say! Then there are days when I feel I could write a novel.

Hope your hydro stays on!

Funder said...

Hey, is your power still out?? You can't leave us hanging like that!