Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Whitespot is a DEAF, newly adopted dog from Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue. He is white with a distinctive black spot on one side. On Sunday, less than twenty-four hours after arriving at his new home, he slipped his flat collar and took off around 20th Ave and 142nd St in South Surrey. He was sighted Sunday night near the South Surrey Rec centre and Softball City, but was not sighted at all yesterday.

This is a deaf northern BC dog who is NOT familiar with traffic and with city life! He has no collar or ID tags. He will be very stressed - first going into rescue, then a very long car ride down to the coast, then a new home, and now lost in surroundings where the scents are completely unfamiliar and he can't hear noises like traffic or people calling.

If you live in or near the White Rock/South Surrey area, please go here, print out the poster, and post it in as many places as you can. Especially post it at entrances to parks and wooded areas and any place dog people go - vets, petstores, etc. as it is often a person walking their own dog who will sight a lost dog. Also post at or near all major intersections and pedestrian walkways. Please watch for him, and if you have a dog take the dog for a walk in that general area. If you see him, DO NOT CHASE HIM. Carry a high-smell treat like liver, freshly cooked chicken (the BBQ ones from the grocery store work well), or sardines so you to try to coax him closer. Also carry your cellphone to immediately call the number on the poster, and a leash in case you have the opportunity to loop it around his neck (do not rush this - get him to come towards you, and distract him with food).

If you do not live in or near the area, please send the TG link, or the poster, or a link to this post, or even just a quick email to anyone you know within a twenty mile radius of the area - and ask them to do the same. Whitespot needs every pair of eyes to be on the lookout for him.

(Pictures courtesy of Turtle Gardens Rescue Society; permission is granted to copy the contents of this blog post to anyone, anywhere. )


georgia little pea said...

i hope there's going to be a happy ending for this one, jean :(

Dom said...

This breaks my heart :(

Anonymous said...

I have spread the word to my South Surrey contacts, who have in turn forwarded it to theirs. We're all on White Spot alert and hope he's safely recovered soon.