Friday, April 1, 2011

Same Song, Different Verse.....

How many times have I read this story in the past few weeks? Six? Eight? Ten? Once again a recently transported dog has been lost just shortly after arriving at a new home. This one is in Duncan, here on Vancouver Island.

His name is Cooper and he is a two year old golden retriever/lab cross. Shortly after arrival at his new foster home, he jumped the fence and was gone. The area is semi-rural and has lots of parks and woods in which to hide. Finding Cooper will not be easy.

This was not due to an inexperienced new adopter. This was not a new foster home. This was a person who should have known better than to have a new arrival off leash, even in a fenced yard, before he had time to bond or become familiar with his surroundings. But placing blame won't help. And accidents do happen. And somewhere out there, on this dark rainy night, a scared, lost dog needs your help. And so I ask for every reader in the Duncan area to please look out for Cooper.

Cooper is about 2 years old, recently neutered, and weighs 80 pounds. He is not wearing ID tags. He is recently tattooed: ACE Y25. He is not familiar with the area at all – came over from a rescue group in Vancouver today, I believe, and had just arrived at the foster home.

He went missing from 4159 Cowichan Lake Rd., Duncan. If you can help, or if you spot him, call Shane at 250-715-8667 or Bonnie at 778-885-1867. Here is his picture:

Feel free to forward the above information to anyone who might be of assistance.

I was going to blog tonight about other things. I was going to blog about the fun of seeing for the first time in print the column that my friend Liz and I have committed to writing:

I was going to write about how pleased I am that they used not one, but two of my photos (even if they did forget to give credit for the larger one, which accompanied a story not written by Liz or myself).

I was going to write about how my little village of Crofton is being featured on Global TV tomorrow (Saturday) morning between 7 and 10, in their Small Town BC feature, and how I submitted this photo to them which I hope they might use:

And I was going to write about how sad I am for some very special friends whose beloved animal companions passed away this week - how my thoughts are with Deb, who lost the lovely, sweet Jasper,


(Photo by Deb Strong)

and Ron and Vonda, whose old dog Rascal has also left for the Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts are with you, my friends. I was honoured to meet Jasper and Rascal, and I know how deeply they are loved and missed.

Lastly, I was going to write about my plans for tomorrow, when I am doing a follow up visit on Ruby, the piggy Hearts on Noses sanctuary recently placed down island. And how on the way home, I will be picking up..........

But no. I think I'll leave you hanging. I need to finish a post about keeping newly transported dogs safe. Because every time I hear of yet another one lost in unfamiliar territory, I feel sick. And if even one person reads my blog and takes my recommendations to heart, my time will have been well spent.

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Dom said...

This makes me so sad every time :)