Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Short Post of a Heron on a Post

The tide was out when I took the dogs for their walk today, and I spotted a heron atop a post at the edge of the water. He - or she - (we'll say she, as it is nearly International Women's Day) was most cooperative as I was able to get quite close, even with the dogs, before she gave me her warning cry and flew away.

It was one of those incredibly bright but overcast days which, unfortunately, makes it impossible for me to see anything on the display screen of the camera, so I just pointed the camera in the general direction and shot - which meant a lot of pictures with nothing but sky or sea. Here's the best of about fifty snaps - none of them terrific, but fun to look at anyway. (To see at full size, click on the picture, then use the back browser to return to the blog).

And on the ground, a crow hunts for dinner:

In other news, my vet phoned me yesterday to tell me Charley's bloodwork came back showing no problems at all - good kidney and liver numbers, good white and red blood cell counts, no infections, just a healthy dog. So the vile mouth smell may be something gastro going on, like acid reflux, or may be a dental problem. The antibiotics seem to be helping, so I'll go the distance with that and then figure what to do next about her teeth.

Sadie's eye continues to slip occasionally, but overall is showing improvement. Both of the dogs are happy to get the extra treats that go along with taking their medicine!


Dom said...

Very cool find and great photos

hornblower said...

Beautiful pix! I love herons - my favourite bird.

Good news about the lab results!

For the mouth, I've started my cat (who has a terrible mouth & is too fragile to be put under for a cleaning) on PlaqueOff. I'm hoping it does something :-)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Nice shots of the heron, Jean! I like the crow, too:) And, I'm really happy to hear that the news seems pretty good for both Charlie and Sadie.

Anonymous said...

Wow - amazing photos of the birds - love them!

Also very happy to hear about test results for Charley - happy news for all of us!


Funder said...

Cool bird pics! Glad to hear the dogs are healthy and hopefully you'll get Charley's stank-mouth sorted.