Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two "heads up"

Janice at Hearts on Noses has just found out that their mailboxes were broken into Thursday night. She customarily picks up her mail on the weekend, so any cheques that were mailed this week "might" have been among those stolen. She will get back to me with the names of any cheques recently received, but if you sent a check towards Penny's house please email me using the contact to the side of this blog, and send me your email address or phone number so we can contact you as soon as we check if yours may be among the missing.

Also, when my computer was invaded by trojans I lost ALL my email addresses and messages. If you emailed me and haven't heard back, please email me again. And if you are family or friend, please email me at my personal shaw address so I have your email address back in my file.

We are slowly regaining our sanity and our computer programs. I promise to share a critter story soon!

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