Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whazza Matta Mama????

By Sadie, pup reporter.

Our mama has bin real cranky. She’s not usually cranky. And she shouldn’t be cranky no more. She gotz her car back, an’ she gotz her ‘puter back, an’ a vewy nice friend offered her a digital camera she’s not using.

And she’s got us, and she’s got the cat, and she's got the piggies and she’s got the ‘paca. So we asked her why she still cranky when there’s so much lovings around this place.

Mama: “Because when the university cleaned up my computer they also upgraded the word processing system and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THIS VERSION!”

Sadie: “That’s okay mama. You just put your feet up and read a good book, and I will figure it out. I need to write my newspaper column because it is overdue, what with us having no computer last week.”

Mama: “Sorry, Sadie, but you can’t use the computer for a few more days. I have four sets of final exams to compose and a week’s worth of other computer work to do – and most of the stuff has to be done by Monday.”

Sadie: “Okay mama, I’m sure the nice people at Abbotsford Today will unnerstand. Can I have a cookie please?”

But instead of smiling and giving us cookies, Mama started pacing. That’s what she does when she’s stressed. She paces. And when she paces, four dogs and a cat try to follow along, just in case she happens to be going past the cookie jar. And mama pacing with four dogs and a cat on her heels in a teeny tiny house like this, well.....let’s just say it made her crankier.

So she went out to the barn to visit the piggies. Whisper made her laugh because he raised his snoutie and wiggled it at her with a big smile, and batted his blue eyes at her. And Soda told her she was being too slow with the food and tried to shove down the door to the feed area, and that made her laugh too.

But the laugh didn’t last long because when she came back into the house the computer problems got worse. When she tried to add her home email account back into the system, the internet company deleted all her university security system and replaced it with their own....and then just said “sorry, there’s no way for us to restore it”. And their system wouldn’t let her use the remote access to her work files at the university. I didn't know humans could make smoke come out of their ears. They can. Mama did.

So mama looked at us, and looked at the computer, and looked at us, and said:
Sorry guys – I’m going to have to go into the office today.”

We moped. And sulked. And snarked at each other. And chased the cat. An sulked some more. And mama left the house and didn’t even take ONE of us with her!

But she came back a few hours later ‘cuz someone at the university was able to put her old word processing package back and reinstall the security system and so now she can use her ‘puter at home even if she dozn’t have time to blog or do any fun stuff. And she’s not gonna put her email on it, and so far she haszn’t bin able to get her printer to work with it but those things can wait.

She’s not pacing any more. She’s makin’ a cup of coffee, and she put some Christmas music on, and she’s home with us for the rest of the day, and she’s talking about retiring even earlier than she planned – and that would be a-okay with us 'cuz then she’d be home lots more!!!

So stay tuned and hopefully she will write a nice cheery blog piece sometime around Toosday. Or sooner. Or maybe one of us will sneak on here at night.

Meanwhile, we is watching out for some dude called Trojan .....’cuz we heard he started all this. He’s a spy and an evil little virus and he destroyed our ‘puter (and I bet he destroyed the car and the camera, too!!!) and he upset our mama. He better not come back to our house EVER, or he will have some mighty big bytes to contend with....canine bytes!

Yours truly,

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