Friday, November 7, 2008

We Just Don't Get It!!

By Charley, Sadie, Oliver and Belle

First she drags us into the pouring rain for a walk. Then she carefully dries us all off. Then she piles us into the car and takes us to Samantha's (Markeyda's Grooming). And then Sam sticks us all in a tub and gets us all WET again!!

Why the heck didn't mom just pour some shampoo on us when she took us for our walk and save herself the bother of going to the groomers??????

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Here we are in the car, ready to go to Samantha's. Mom says she needs to buy a van so she can fit our crates in there and keep us safe.

And here are the after shots. It was still bucketing rain outside, so mom tried to take our pictures in the kitchen......not the best backdrop, mom. Fall leaves would look so much better!

Charley and Sadie

Oliver and Belle (and Sadie in the back)





Allie inspecting the troops

The closest we'll ever get to a group shot!

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Black Jack's Carol said...

The really do look spiffy, and I love the idea of Allie inspecting the troops:)