Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life is Good

Life is good.

It is the dawn of a beautiful, crisp, frosty morning. The hills that surround my little piece of paradise are rich, deep purples rising against the pink-tinged, clear blue sky.

Last night I had a rare evening out, as Jim (Misty’s dad) treated those of us who had helped with the eight-day search to a wonderful dinner of Chinese food at a great restaurant (Szechuan Chongqing at Commercial and 12th) in Vancouver. Ellen, Smitty and I carpooled and chatted about......what else?.....our animals. Lynda, a blog reader who I've met only once at the Turtle Gardens' Reunion, showed up with a huge bag of peanuts for my piggies and a donation to Penny’s house (thanks, Lynda!), and I received two other pledges for Penny as well. I met many fabulous people and we all had a great time. Thanks, Jim!!! (And, Yvette, Misty has absolutely the best home ever!)

Today, I have the whole day to spend with my crew. I’ll walk the dogs and play with the pigs and do some raking and put up the Christmas lights and, no doubt, take some photos. Of course, there is the inevitable stack of marking to be tackled, but I just might have to light a campfire in the firepit and work on it outside – it is just that sort of a day.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Enjoy the fantabulous weather.

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Squally Reach said...

What a thoughtful act of thanks!