Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank you Wendi!

Dear Wendi

Our Foster Mama told us what an amazing job you did organizing the Hearts on Noses Fundraiser last night. She sez there waz lots of fun donated prizes to bid on, good food, good games, lots of peoples, an' you raised lots of monies to helps the pigs at the sanctoooary.

What we wants to know come we had to go to bed soooo early an' our Foster Mama waz so late getting hom an' still hazn't fed us our breakfast this mornin? An' how come she didn't bring us none of that good food or prizes or peoples - we likes food an' prizes an' peoples a lot!

We haz an idea. Maybe the next one should be held in OUR BARN!!! That way we could be at the party tooooooooooooo. (I dontz know why our Foster Mama is frowning at us....she doesn't seem to think it's such a good idea, but we think it is a gweat idea!).

Anyway, thank you for helpin' piggies at Hearts on Noses.

Scotch and Soda and Derby, Rickey, RobRoy, Whisper, Tom, Lizzie, Spritzer, Swizzle, Fizzy, and Toddy.

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