Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skool sucks, by Sadie

Hoomans wiv animals shud not hafta go to skool. Or they shud get to take the animals wiv them. Espeshully black and white long haired dogs named Sadie.

In the summer, my mom took me to skool wiv her sumtimes (well, to the universidy where she works) but now she hasta teech other hoomans and not just hang out in her office, so I can't go no more.

It's just not fair.

I hopes sumbody will change the rules so animals can go to skool wiv their hoomans. I wud like that.



L-Dawg said...

Sadee yur so rite. Skool is overateD by pipls. ThaY shud ither tKe us wid dem or sta at hoMe to pla wiv us.


Anne said...

LOL. My sheltie Jax goes with DH to his work at university. He can go during the school year too, he just has to hang out in his office while DH teaches. Guarding the door. In case anyone tries to walk past. Heaven forbid they come in.

Robyn said...

Jobs suk, period, we tink! So do wacatshuns too. Why cant we go to those payses too?

luv ya all,
macy an mccoy

Jean said...

Ha Ha - Macy and McCoy, my mama doesn't take wacatshuns. She kant, cuz there's too many uv us to look after.
Tell yer mama to get sum more animals, then she won'tz go away.
(well, 'cept werk. An' apparently they hasta do that to pay fer our fooooood!).