Thursday, September 11, 2008

The animals talk

Belle: I hasza secret! Ummm…my mama sez I can’t say yet, because I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, but she let me in on a secret today and I am very pleased.

Chickens???? Are we getting chickens?????

Before they hatch??? Eggs? Do we gotz eggs??? I likes eggs – I eat ‘em before they hatch!

Tell us, tell us, tell us, tell us, tell us….we won’t squeal!!!!!! We pwomise!!!!

Allie: T
his better not have anything to do with me.

I’d like my grain please. Oh, and an apple too.

Belle you get off that computer right now!!!! Be the princess you are and just wait with dignified restraint to make your Royal Proclamation!

Belle: (not very royally)
But mommmmmmmmmmm!

Tee hee hee heee heee…….


Anonymous said...

Spill it women!!!!!!!!!!

Janice the WATCH HOG ;o))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, or should I say Belle,

Belle, what's the secret? T.J. wants to know. He feels he's part of the gang.


Anonymous said... fair!!

Jean said...

Tee hee hee, I'm not tellin'.
But check back tomorrow night!!!!!

Luv, Belle.

Cheryl said...

Psst I now the is sooo cool...but I won't tell at all...Belle you must be so excited

Sheryl said...

Belle, does it have anything to do with that "hunk" Oliver?

Anonymous said...

I's not sayin' what my secret is. I am a Princess and I will keep the royal secrets to myself until an appropriate time to make a Proclamation.
Mama took the three of us to the groomers today, so I am really quite exhausted and will now head to my favourite bed for my beauty rest. Tomorrow is going to be a very big day around here.

Luv, Belle