Sunday, September 14, 2008

The first day of the rest of my life

By Oliver

Hi everybody. My new mama said I could use this computer to tell you about my day. I have had a busy weekend - so many new smells, new faces, new routines. But I am doing very well and I do think I like my new home. Here are some photos documenting my first twenty-four hours in my new life.

My new mama took this picture of my boat coming in:

One of my new sisters, Belle, came to the dock to welcome me. Belle thinks I'm kinda yummy:

(Don't tell her, but I think she's kinda scrawny. But then Mama Jean says I look like the lion king with my thick beautiful coat! Heh heh. Roaaarrrrr!)

Belle wasn't impressed when I stopped to check out a hydrant on the way to the car. But hey, I'm a boy dog! Gotta sniff the hydrants!!!

We had a looooong drive home to this place with lots of grass and trees and friends.

First I met Sadie. She's nice:

Then I met Charley. She's nice too:

Then I met the piggies. They are funny!!!! I haven't been right in the pen with them yet; we are getting to know each other through the fence first:

I also met the cat and the alpaca. My new mama says I am a VERY well mannered boy.

I had a hard time deciding where to sleep last night. First I tried the living room where all the other dogs seem to sleep. That's Charley on the couch, and Belle in the basket, and Sadie and me on the floor:

Then I tried one of the extra beds in the living room. Mama Jean had put my old blanket in it to help me feel at home. It was comfy:

But after the lights were out, I snuck into Mama Jean's bedroom and slept near her bed. I like that best of all!

In the morning, we went out in the pasture just as the sun was rising.

Here's me in the early morning sun:

And here's Belle - she doesn't look quite so scrawny when she's not standin' next to me:

I even chased Sadie down the path after Mama Jean took my leash off! That was fun!

Then Mama Jean and I went for a drive back into the BIG CITY. I rode up the elevator to visit my new friend Becky and her mom and dad. First the humans had a lovely meal (and Becky and I each got a taste).

Becky knows Yoga! She can do the Downward Dog or some move like that. I tried to "sit" for Becky's mom, but their floors are VERY slippery and every time I sat or lay down, my back legs slipped out sideways and I couldn't get up. Mama Jean said I looked like Bambi on ice. The humans had to lift up my back end to help me get on my feet every time. That wasn't funny!

But it was worth going there because Becky's mom makes her own doggy cookies and they are yummy. And we went for a long walk around the seawall at False Creek.

Becky's mom took this picture of Becky and me - don't we look happy?

Well, that was the first day of the rest of my life. I think I'm gonna like it here. I'm a pretty lucky guy, don'tcha think?

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Jean when i read your stuff i cant' help but smile threw the entire story. At end i am sittign here with a stupid smile on my face and i ahve to laugh.

Welcome Oliver your journey continues as you can see there are still so many thimgs to try out!!

Bravo Jean!!!!!!


Karen said...

Oliver is truly lovely, and truly lucky. He looks like a very dignified old gentleman!

Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver, you forgot to mention that you met US too, but our Mom didn't have her camera along yesterday evening to prove it and your new Mama Jean didn't remember either. We're very glad that you've found your way over here on the big ship and we know for sure that you are already loved by your new family and friends on this side of the water too.

Your pals Kinley, Cisco and our Mom Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me, Janice -- there's a silly grin on my face too :-D. Oliver looks truly adorable and appears very adaptable, given his adventurous weekend. What a little trooper! I can see he's going to be a wonderful addition to the family. But Jean, this really has got to be the last one! Your vaccuum cleaner, sturdy pet-hair variety that it is, can't possibly cope with any more hairy herding dogs in the house! Mind you, the undercoat of collies and shelties knits up very nicely. Maybe you need a spinning wheel!!


Jean said...

Ha ha Deb, I went one better than a spinning wheel: I hired a housekeeper and she brings her own vacuum!!!
Truth be told, I always found Emma (lab) and Caleb (Staffy) shed more than these long haired breeds!
And the cat is the worst shedder of all!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry Kinley and Cisco....yes, more dog friends, speedy whippet ones. How could I forget that - we all ran around the yard and then bugged our moms for some of that yummy smelling food.

Your new friend, Oliver

Anonymous said...

Yep Oliver, ya fit right in to our gang. We're know in the area as the food mooches and we're glad your a guy too... to balance out all that girly stuff. Now them princesses hafta be a little more respecful towards us...

Kinley and Cisco.

Sherri said...

Jean, that post made me smile from the inside out. Oliver looks like such a sweet little gentleman, and what a trooper! He's a very lucky guy to have landed with your group.

My Oliver thinks it's great that another senior Oliver found a wonderful new home.

Congratulations to your whole family!

Anonymous said...

Yes Oliver, you are one lucky guy! And very handsome too.

Jean, loved the photo of the four dogs crashed in your living room. Everyone looks very peaceful, especially considering it was Oliver's first night at his new home.


Anonymous said...

Aww!! You are supermomma, Jean! Oliver, you sure did luck out, sweetie. So much love! :D