Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another beautiful, beautiful morning!

I could just repeat the shots from the “Joie de Vivre" or "Morning Glory” entries of a few days ago, yet each day is subtly different as we move into fall. The colours are richer, the sun is lower, the air is crisper and colder. Another degree or two and I think we would have had frost here this morning – Martin’s breath rose like a cloud of mystical haze all around him, and piggies were buried deep in their straw and blankets.

Pig in straw

I didn’t have the luxury of waiting for the sun to wash the fields with gold this morning; the dogs and I were out just as it poked its fingers across the very top of the pasture.

Spider webs are everywhere in the drying grasses, so beautifully framed in the early morning dew.

Field mice are scurrying about looking for safe warm winter homes; I distinctly heard the pitter patter of little micey feet (at least I hope that’s what it was – rats give me the shivers) on the ductwork under the house this morning sending Allie the cat into paroxysms of anticipation. Charley and Sadie are having a blast pouncing on the poor critters in the pasture.

Sadie has discovered squirrels! They are plentiful in our yard, busy gathering the hazelnuts from our trees (much to the disappointment of the piggies who would really like Foster Mama to gather them all and dump them in the piggy yard), and Sadie has become obsessed with watching them, willing them to come down the tree for a right good game of tag.

And the piggies! Oh the piggies! How can one not start the day with a song in the heart when greeted with a smile like this?

Good morning, Foster Mama!

As for me, I’m scrambling to keep up with work – a bumper crop of students needs my attention. I’m stuck in the classroom until 5:30 tonight, so won’t get home until the day is almost over.

But there will be more mornings like this, more beautiful mornings that make my heart – and my voice – sing.


Karen said...

Early autumn mornings are my favorite! Our Lucy tore an ACL in a knee chasing squirrels; her knee is held together with screws and fishing line!

Anonymous said...

here via Shakes.

*beautiful* shots. thanks for sharing.