Saturday, September 13, 2008

Princess Belle Wishes to Introduce.........


Yes, that’s my secret – I have a new brother!!! And he looks a lot like me!! And his story is a lot like mine. He had a very special home all his life but then his mama could no longer look after him through no fault of her own. That’s what happened to me too. But I will let my Mama Jean tell you all about him. Right now I have to go keep him company! Belle

Oliver is a 13 year old sheltie who has come to join Life With The Critters after finding himself desperately in need of a home. Thanks, Bev of Second Chances , for helping him find a safe place to land.

Oliver is a wee bit hard of hearing (well, maybe more than a wee bit as he didn't react to the cat meowing loudly right behind him!), a wee bit visually impaired, a wee bit arthritic, and right now a wee bit confused. However, he is as regal and charming and sweet as Belle and I’m sure he will fit in very well.

After a long trip to get here (including sitting in a traffic jam for positively ages!), he checked out every corner of the yard and house, met the piggies and the cat and all the dogs with great dignity, showed me that he is as much a scrounge as Belle is when it comes to food, and then flaked out by my feet. Later on, I'll post more pictures of his first day here.

Welcome, Oliver. Find yourself a comfy bed, have a sleep, and all will look so much better tomorrow when we take you on your first early morning walk in the pasture.

Your other mama loved you, Oliver, and always will. I know she told you that a zillion times these last few days. And I will love you now. Welcome home, sweet boy. I am so very happy to share my life with you.


Sheryl said...

Oh, Oliver, what a handsome fellow you are! Congratulations to you and Belle and the rest of your new family.

(I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of your new mama with both you and Belle in backpacks on long walks!! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home Oliver! I think you are going to be very happy there.

Squally Reach said...

Belle's grammar and spelling has really improved overnight. Perhaps Oliver is teaching her a thing or two?

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean,

Am shedding a few tears of happiness for Oliver....thank you so much Jean for opening your home and heart to this sweet and dignified senior Sheltie.

I'm pretty sure he's going to be a lovely addition to your family.

Can't wait to meet him.


Audrey said...

Awwww! Oliver is a very handsome boy! Thanks for taking him in in his time of need. Who couldn't love that FACE?!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Oliver - you're a lucky boy to have found a second very loving home and I know you'll be happy and comfy!

Lisa Marie

Anonymous said...

Your very handsome Oliver, welcome home!

Congrats Life with the Critters family!!!


mike said...

I knew it, I knew it!!! I was secretly hoping deep down in my heart that this would be it.

One question though, how's the queen feline with all this?


Jean said...

Caroline, Allie doesn't mind dogs as long as they don't try to eat her or jump all over her. Right now, she is lying on the table right above Oliver's head, showing no concern whatsoever.
Allie would much rather I brought home nice senior dogs than puppies or even other cats. She says this is strictly a one-cat-household!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Oliver! You couldn't have found place than with Belle and her royal entourage. We can't wait to make your acquaintance!

Deb and Riley

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Oliver and to his new family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

So wonderful of you Jean to adopt another senior dog. Oliver is one lucky dog!


Anonymous said...

welcome home Oliver. Your will have a great life there and 3 lovely girls to admire your good looks.
Jean I had a feeling you had something up your sleeve.