Sunday, September 21, 2008

And one more for piggy fans

This was what I saw when I closed the barn door tonight (Click on photo to enlarge) - a pile of piggies who had put themselves to bed, blankies, teddy bear and all! What the pictures don't tell you is the noises I heard - SSNORGK..SSNOOORRKKKKK....SNF..SNF..SNOOOOORKKK - PIGGIES' SNORES!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL What a cozy pile and i get a kick out of that teddy bear still in the mix!!!

I was so tired last night i didn't commnet until today but yes i did sleep well last night after my daily smile.

Critter Keeper said...

The Piggies are so cute ^-^

Robyn said...

ohhhh I LOVE that! Cute pile o'pigs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
Yes, I do love the piggy pics, sooo cute.