Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I absolutely love that moment when you know for sure that a new animal in the household is okay with his changed circumstances.

Oliver has been so quiet since his arrival, I thought perhaps I had just adopted the ONLY non-barking sheltie on the planet. Not so. Today when I arrived home from work, all four dogs tumbled out the back door and much to my surprise, it was Oliver who jumped all around me, with a happy upturned face and shining eyes; then he proceeded to play bow and bark, bark, bark at each one of us in turn.

"C'mon Charley, play with me! C'mon Mama Jean, PLAY! Belle, Sadie, mom's home, let's PLAY!!!! " And then he raced around the yard (he's going to give our whippet friends, Kinley and Cisco, a run for their money) and bounced and jumped and barked and twirled around in front of us as he joyfully announced his presence to the whole neighbourhood.

The little guy is just fine. He knows that he belongs. My heart is singing tonight.


Anonymous said...

Right on Jean, I am so happy for you, your family and your Oliver!!!

Audrey said...

Now THAT is a Magic Moment! Welcome "Home" to Oliver!

Jean said...

I must add that he also discovered the cat last night! Previously, he totally ignored her but that has all changed. Chasing Allie has become his latest pasttime.

He is quite perplexed, however, by Allie's cat door leading up to her attic "safe space". The door to the attic is situated between my bedroom and my office doors. When Allie ran through the cat door last night, Oliver spent a good half hour going back and forth between the bedroom and the office trying to figure out where the heck she had gone!
This morning Allie was chased again, and she is royally pissed off. Not to worry - they'll work it out eventually.

mike said...

this made me cry. one of those magic moments

Kelly said...

I rush home to visit Oliver's adventures each and every day. I never had any doubts that he would be loved and adapt well in your world of Eden...But this one, made me smile for the first time rather than cry...Bless your heart Jean.

Sherri said...

Hooray! I remember how wonderful that moment feels!