Sunday, September 28, 2008

Frost on the Pumpkin

Or, in this case, on the alpaca! This morning I woke to a beautiful sunrise and a light coating of frost on the pasture. Martin was waiting in his pen for his breakfast of grains, apple, lettuce and zucchini:

But when he turned sideways, I noticed this:

FROST! On Martin's wool! Brrrrr!

The piggies enjoyed a breakfast of their exotic pig feed, fresh strawberries (for which they say "Thanks Auntie Ewwen!"), lettuce, carrots, zucchini and beet tops (a gift from one of our wonderful neighbours). This isn't a very good photo, but Scotch is giving me the BIGGEST smile and "ha ha ha ha" laugh as he munches his goodies.

Then the dogs and I went for our walk. The coyotes have been getting very brazen lately, running only as far as the edge of the pasture when they see me, so first I have to walk the path to make sure all is clear for the shelties, lest they become Breakfast Bites.

No coyotes, but a large pile of fresh bear scat right on the that's what all the dogs in the neighbourhood were howling about in the wee small hours of the morning! I came outside around 3 AM and shone my large flashlight into the pasture, to see two shiny eyes reflected back at me. From the location of the bear scat, I think I may have caught that poor bear right in the act. Nothing like having your bathroom break interrupted by a spotlight in your eyes! Sorry, Bear!

Once they had the all clear, the dogs were off and running. Oliver is now completely off leash and enjoying his new freedom to bounce and hop and run and gambol along the path at his own pace. He is one very happy boy!

(Click on this to enlarge it and see Oliver's happy smile! He has the BEST smiles!)

The early morning light on the changing leaves, frosted grasses, and autumn flowers was simply beautiful:

A beautiful start to a beautiful day!


shihtzustaff said...

I love autumn!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of autumn leaves and flowers, Jean.

And of course also of your 4-leggeds. Is Martin o.k. with frost on him? I'm guessing with his wool he doesn't feel the cold? But I don't know.

And love the pictures of the dogs coming up the path -- of course Oliver is happy -- he's established his place in the pack -- um, Shelties like to be the boss and you now have two?!


Janice Gillett said...

What a beautiful day and it looks like Scotch feels the same way ;o))