Sunday, September 7, 2008

Joie de vivre

I've received a few emails and phone calls this week asking me if I was going to respond to some recent insinuations made about me (again!) on another blog. The answer is no. I am getting sick and tired of the histrionics of people who turn every challenge into a crisis and every inquiry into an accusation. And I feel bile rising when people accuse me of things I absolutely and definitely did not do. But energy spent defending oneself is energy taken away from other much more worthwhile and important endeavors. Negative energy is at least twice as exhausting and time consuming as positive energy. Quite simply, I don’t need it and I won’t engage in it.

And that is all I have to say about it. This blog is not about trashing people, and it is not about the politics of rescue. It is about the joy of life, of nature, of wildlife and companion animals. It is about the everyday experience of living life as it is meant to be lived – as stewards of the earth, as grounded, caring, appreciative, cooperative individuals who see the beauty of a morning sunrise and smile at the antics of a piggy or the royal attitude of a crippled deaf sheltie.

It is about the magic that makes life worthwhile, even when that magic involves a wee bit of fun and fantasy such as making piggies talk or imagining what is going on in a dog’s head. It is about loving life. And that I do. Love life, that is.

So, from this morning’s walk in the pasture, here are images of some of the joys that make my life worthwhile:

I almost didn't print this photo of Sadie in morning sunlight....until I noticed a certain sheltie nose right in the corner, enjoying the sunbeam teasing her nostrils. Now THAT made me smile!!

This one I call "The Missing Grasshopper". My pasture has tons of grasshoppers right now....and microseconds before I photographed this fluffy flower (called butterfly bush, I think?), there was a grasshopper perched on the top! Elusive little character!


Catkins in the silver dew-draped grasses

Honeysuckle on the fence

Martin in morning sun

I didn't realize, when I took this picture of the flowers outside my kitchen window, that my cat Allie was framed in the background.

And this is one of my favourites from last fall: Sunlight on a piggy's snout.


Anonymous said...

Jean, it was a true delight to see you and Princess Belle today. Thank you so much for dropping by. The photo of the Royal Nose is priceless! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Deb (and Riley, who is exhausted from her hostess role today)

Squally Reach said...

Insinuations about you? Well, life out in the valley must hold more drama than I would imagine.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Anyone who does just has too much time on his/her hands.

Big hugs & see you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Some people just have waaaay to much time on their hands.
I for one love your blog and your your outlook on life.
I think the blog entries from the piggies and the dogs are wonderful and too funny for words.
Keep up the great work.


Robyn said...

Your blog always lifts me up. Please don't let that get to you. Mean people suck. period.

Anonymous said...

I recieved a few emails mysef in that regard Jean and thankfully my computor crashed the very day i read what your refering too.

And now all these days later it makes me laugh even harder LOLLLLLLLLLL

Love your blog, how you see these kidnred spirits and how you love Mother nature .