Sunday, September 14, 2008

A quick update...

Oliver is doing well - he slept soundly through the night after checking out several different sleeping possibilities and settling for the floor at the end of my bed. He has been for his first walk in the pasture, on leash until he has learned to come when called (if he can hear me) or keep his eyes on me (as deaf Belle does). He enjoyed it very much, though his beautiful thick coat looks a little the worse for wear from the heavy dew on the tall grasses.

He did all the things healthy, adjusted dogs do - ate well, peed, pooped, checked out the pigs, checked out the other dogs, checked to see if by any chance he had left a morsel of food in his dish, checked to see if by any chance the other dogs had left a morsel of food in their dishes...and now he is lying down right behind my office chair.

Today he has been invited to accompany me to my daughter's and son-in-law's place for a belated birthday brunch. There he will meet granddog Becky as well.

But first I have to slip out to the stores without him ..... as I try to prepare him for being left alone with the others when I go to work tomorrow.

Will post pics as soon as I have time!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jean I so happy to hear that Oliver it settling in so well.
I hope you had a great time at the brunch.