Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toddy's Tail, by Toddy

I is the only piggy in the herd who has a white tip on his tail. This is me wagging it in the water!

And THIS is my other tale:

Piggy Ponderings, by Toddy

Yeserday, we waz unner howz awwest!!! We didn’t gets to go in the pastooor alllll day. Foster Mama sez it is cuz SOMEPIGGY (wazn’t ME!!!) openeded the gate on Sunday. We jest went fru to clean ups the cherry pitz on the gwass. We waz bein’ helpfuls.

But Foster Mama was buzy doin’ papery work all day so didn’t fix the gate until de afernoon, when the big wite ‘paca named Martin waz already back in our pastooor. So then we hadta go to bed wivout any playtime in de big gween field. An’ we waz STARVIN’ cuz we didn’t get no gweens from out there, jest our boring ol’ piggy grains.

We skweemed and skweemed at Foster Mama evy time she came outdoors, but she just laffed at us an’ told us it served us rite an’ to stop bein’ so noisy. She waz not vewy nice yeserday.

We wrote to the Piggy Lady at Hearts on Noses and asked her to pwease tell Foster Mama she shud always, always, always, always lets us out in the pastoor and maybe in de back yard tooooooooo. Who else is gonna clean up those cherry pitz?

So today Foster Mama not only let us out inna pastoor but also brought us a big big box of mushy stwabewwies from the pwoduce peoples. We gobbleded them up. But SOMEPIGGY (not ME!!!!!) gobbleded too fast an' then he got sickies. Groooosssss!

An’ the dogs told us the pwoduce pwace also gaves us some peas in de pods an some sweet taters an some peppers an some cawwots an a GWEAT BIG WATERMELON!! We luvs watermelon. But the pwoduce pwace didn’t haz no lettuces leaves or beet tops or spinaches an’ we really like those so we hope maybe someone will find us some fer our BIRFDAYS WHICH IS COMIN’ UP REAL SOOOOON!!!!!! Peanuts an cookies an cake n icecweam an licorise an pasta an uver nummy stuff wud be goods too.

Luv, Toddy


Anonymous said...

It not my fault I gots sicky. If SOMEPIGGIES didn’t steal all the good stuff as fast is it hit the gwound, I wudn’t hafta gobble so quickly. Hazn’t you ever heard Foster Mama say “share”?

An’ Toddy, yer not ‘posed to ask fer stuff fer yer birthday. It’s not p’lite.
So there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, bruver, nice butt shot!


Anonymous said...

Yer just jealous, Lizzie, 'cuz yers isn't as cute!


Anonymous said...

Hey bruver, you fergot to mention we gots EGGPLANT too - I likes eggplant!