Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's my BIRFDAY - by Charley

It's my birfday today. I is offishully ELEBEN. I is not the oldest dog here (that wud be Belle) but I haz been here the longest - ever since I waz a widdle puppy. So far I dontz see no pwesents - but mom made me put on a dorky hat and go outside for pictures. I fink the hat affected her bwain, 'cuz she mades us go for our walk before we evens got our breakfasts! Somethin' about getting some pictures in the pasture before it gots too hot.

My mom sez she will post more birfday pictures later but rite now she hasta go do a homecheck in Maple Ridge for one rescue, then pick up dog food in Langley for another rescue, then deliver raffle tickets to a volunteer at Mission Animal Control for a third rescue, then rush home to meet up wiv the peoples take the food the rest of the way and sell sum more raffle tickets an make dinner for some peoples I'z known ever since I waz a widdle puppy.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that IT'S MY BIRFDAY TODAY!
Love, Charley.


Viooltje said...

Dear Charley, just so you know, there's a bunch of fidgety fur friends on the other side of the globe wishing you many more wonderful years and just being happy for yourself and for the fact you have such an outstanding family.


Bobby,Maleni and Nera from the Lady Greenthumb's garden

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlie -I'll see you next Tuesday. what would you like for a present? No, I can't get rid of visiting dogs, pigs and everything that takes your mother's attention.

Your aunt -Big Sis

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Charlie -- happy birthday from me and Crystal.

You are a very good girl, and look so pretty in your birthday hat!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday Charlie. Wow -- eleben years old. I will be seben next month, so I guess I'm still just a pup. I hope my mom doesn't make me wear a dorky hat -- that's way to silly for my liking! Us collie-types need to keep our dignitty. From what I heard, nothing's been the same since that Lassie dude came along. Hope you at least got some extra treets today.

Your collie friend who looks like you...


Anonymous said...

Charley we are so sorry that we missed your birthday.

Love and face licks
Archie, Hugo and Sophie.

PS you look great in your hat.