Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shaw Wars

It appears my shaw email, for those who contact me that way, is not working. I am receiving some emails by accessing it through my account, remotely, but I cannot send mail out other than once every six hours or so. And even some of that comes back with a message saying "there are too many listeners" or something like that.....what the heck is a listener?????

So... if you emailed me at my shaw account and you're wondering why I'm not responding, please use the animalsinrescue at hotmail.com address (replace at with @) until further notice.

I love the convenience of email. I hate it when it doesn't work as it should. Grrrrr.


Shihtzu Staff said...

This is probably because of the power outage in downtown Vancouver. I know the net was really wonky yesterday and has been quite slow today.

turtlegardens said...


Jean said...

Got your email, Yvette, thanks - not sure why your comment didn't come through.

It looks like Shaw is working again - at least for now.

Anonymous said...

Mine was the same and when I called Shaw I got a recorded message that they were working on the e-mail problem. I'm on the island to it was widespread.